Sicard™ Group SSI Inc. is the corporate descendant of the original Sicard company. The company was founded by Arthur Sicard who invented the first snowblower in 1925. Mr Sicard was a milkman who delivered milk and other products directly to homes. Tired of having to climb over snowbanks to get to his customers he set out to produce a machine that could efficiently clear snowbanks. His first commercial unit was sold to the Town of Outremont on the island of Montreal in 1927.

His first unit consisted of a 4×4 carrier with its own motor, and an auxiliary motor to power the blower head. The blower featured a chute which provided pinpoint control and was used for loading trucks, as well as an opening in the impeller housing through which snow could be thrown into a field.

The original snowblower could power through both hard packed and wet snow and throw either at least 90 feet from the snowblower. Over the years, amounting to almost a century, Sicard has worked hard to ensure that their machines continue to reflect Arthur Sicard’s preoccupation with producing machines with quality, durability and efficiency built in.

Sicard has also always been intent on improving their product, using the best technology available and always remembering the very difficult conditions they are used in. A small example of improvements is that a unit that started off projecting snow 95 feet (29 meters) has led to a model that can throw snow 225 feet (68.5 meters) while still keeping the ability to load trucks 5 feet (1.5 meter) away.

Sicard’s focus on quality has resulted in Sicard units still being found all around the world. Sicard units can be found in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Notwithstanding its constant efforts to improve by using the newest technologies, the company has always tried to keep the units as simple as possible in order to keep them working when needed.

Sicard supplies a full line of snowblowers, airport runway sweepers, and other related products such as plows, spreaders non-metallic scraper blades. For those users who generally load trucks, speak to a Sicard representative to find out how a Sicard snowblower can save you money and time.


Sicard is very proud to have been the pioneering originator of the first snowblower in 1925. From that modest beginning Sicard has over the years expanded its offering to include truck mounted snowblowers, as well as several models of loader mount units which can fit the needs of any and all municipal operations. It provides snow blowers, plows and spreaders for maintaining highways and adds larger snowblowers and runway sweepers for airports and defence departments.

In a bid to offer a total solution, Sicard™ Group SSI inc. has also teamed up with a network of top level manufacturers in different sectors of related activities. These partnerships enable Sicard to provide our customers with one stop shopping while also giving them the opportunity to take advantage of the knowledge and experience of some of the best companies in the field worldwide.


Sicard’s century long experience in the world of snowblowers and runway sweepers as well as the field of snow removal in general can be a valuable resource for you. Need someone to look over your snow removal operations to see if they can be made more efficient? Need someone to help you decide on a new piece of equipment (even if it isn’t one of ours). Decide what is best considering your budget and needs: new, used, or rebuilt?

Would you like to be introduced to a new line of scraper blades designed to reduce noise in operation while greatly reducing wear and tear on your streets?

Do you know that the biggest expense in snow removal is usually the cost of thawing and abrasive products? This is normally followed by the cost of trucking snow away to a dumpsite and maintaining that dumpsite.

The least expensive part of the operation is the equipment.

This is why Sicard. Group SSI inc. has developed totally integrated solutions which can be tailored to your exact, specific needs.

Sicard’s systematic approach

  1. Anti-icing is the action of spreading salt even before it has freezing on the ground. Most of the times on dry roads. With today’s technologies, it is easy to accurately predict the weather changes up to six hours in advance.
    In the event of a serious dew point or possible snowfall, it is important to start the salt application before the event. So, anti-icing is a preventive action. Knowing this, it is understandable that spreading rock salt or even pre-wetted rock salt on a dry surface is not the best solution.
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