Sicard is constantly working with its key partners to update its products to ensure that they are equipped with the newest useful technologies. This includes updating new equipment being offered as well as allowing current customers to update their existing used equipment with refit kits designed to increase efficiency and durability.

Whether it involves municipal, highway or airport equipment Sicard is working to improve an already proven technology. At the present time we are working with partners in North America, Europe and the Far East all with the aim of incorporating the best of new and emerging technologies.

We have a long history of building machines that have a useful lifespan of 40-50 years and more. We try to ensure that any new technology we employ will give the same type of durability while enhancing operation and production.

Having a particular problem with your unit? Or have you an idea for making it better? Please give us a call and let’s discuss your ideas.

We listen.

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